Holdsworth Advantage has created a service which is everything the SME MD needs to grow.
— Robin Tidd MBA FCMA CGMA MCIM, Co-Founder


Holdsworth Advantage has been a trusted business advisor to companies all over the country for over 30 years. For us, advising businesses usually comprises of two roles. The first is a short analysis to help the business to identify an overarching Business Strategy and/or Marketing Strategy and a ‘high level action plan’ which will succeed. The second role is to promote ongoing improvements, in line with the aims of the owners. The usual requirements of such business

  • More Sales: A growth plan and assistance with implementation of the Marketing Strategy
  • More Profits: Analysis of where (anywhere in the business) there is waste or opportunity to improve performance and therefore results significantly
  • More Control: Ensuring that processes and systems work well enough to allow the MD and his team to be in complete control

With small businesses, expert Financial Control is often a permanent strand of our involvement. As an MD you will have a ‘go to’ for financial management on a week to week basis. Emphasis on each of these roles is shifted according to the current needs

The Six Core Areas

These are the main areas of business process that we focus our work on, beginning with the most important and urgent for your business.



  • Someone to talk to at any time about the business
  • Feedback on how other organisations successfully dealt with the same issues
  • An objective and thoroughly supportive view
  • Hands on assistance with managing specific improvement projects
  • Expertise, skills training and practical experience
  • Feedback for the MD and suggestions on how better to lead people
  • Consistency of approach – a long term perspective
  • Practical hands-on help in implementation

What clients say

It’s very calming having Tracey onboard, I’ve now always got someone I can talk to.
— R Monk, Aztec Coin Ltd.

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