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When people go into business it’s usually because they have talent in a particular trade or profession. Their talent gets them so far, but eventually they hit a ceiling – we are here to help at that juncture.
— Robin Tidd MBA FCMA CGMA MCIM, Co-Founder

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We have 30 years of experience behind our services and we convey our knowledge in the form of retained business advice delivered straight to you the MD


Armed with 30 years of experience, we have formulated a range of essential business seminars on the key areas for the ambitious MD

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Business FAQ

This section contains some short answers to Frequently Asked Questions, in fact 18 of the most important questions in business. 


Robin is a creative and original thinker. He quickly understood our business and the issues we wanted him to assist with. He is efficient, does not waste time with hyperbole, encourages and supports managerial staff and perhaps most of all, is pleasingly enthusiastic about the ‘business of business’
— Robert D Flowers, Ramon Hygiene Products
Jenny is a very talented, broad thinking, strategic financial and commercial professional. Whilst it goes without saying she is incredibly talented in her chosen field, she is also able to understand, empathise, communicate and, most critically, influence across all functions. She is enigmatic and approachable, will take time to really get under the skin of a business and contribute valuably to the culture for a long term outcome. She is energetic, fun and collaborative and would be an asset to anyone working with her
— Jackie Green, CEO at Berry Gardens
We have employed Robin Tidd for a number of business improvement and management development and coaching exercise over the last
decade. Robin stands out from other management consultants, as he is very knowledgeable and experienced and above all is practical and
direct. He really knows what he is talking about
— N. T. Killingly Ltd
Tracey has the amazing capacity to bring grace and calm to the most chaotic of situations. Tracey has a wonderful approach and clients always leave her with a clear direction and strategy for growth AND with more harmony in workplace relationships. Tracey has an uncanny ability to reframe things in a positive perspective so you feel you were ‘getting in a stew about nothing’. Every business would benefit from having a Tracey in it!
— Claire Davies – Business Owner
First and foremost, Tracey drove operational excellence and efficiency. Tracey demonstrated a very high degree of customer focus, attention to detail and positive attitude. Equally important to me was that she has this rare ability to focus on details and think about strategic issues simultaneously. She provided great input and advice that I appreciated and frequently used. She also a tremendous work ethic, frequently going above and beyond to support me and my team
— Dave Clarke – VP Professional Services
Jenny is a fantastic team member and co-worker and her open and honest approach makes it easy to deal with all work situations. Jenny’s is extremely proactive and as well as her obvious knowledge in her core disciplines, Jenny is a well rounded Business Manager. who has a positive impact on every area
— Andy Whitty, Senior Director Business Development